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Strawberry Cover of skin wrinkles around a eyes


Strawberries are not only very tasty but also an excellent item for a face around a skin eyes: it supplies it with vitamin and prevents skin wrinkles. 4.3 raspberries need knead, blend with 1 teaspoonful Natural honey, put in cheesecloth and use to the facial skin of the eyelids. Hold for 15-20 min, then wipe the skin around a skin eyes soaked in milk ball.

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Cover with asparagus fresh juice of wrinkles around a skin eyes


Mask with asparagus juice reduces wrinkles around the skin eyes, and with systemic apply - at least for 3 week, eliminating a blue circles and swelling. Good asparagus, chopped grated, it is required to press the juice, and TWO teaspoon Mix up the breeding juice with a like volume of fat oils - almond, peach or olive butter to moisten the mixture resulting in cosmetic wheels and attach to a eyes. Keep some half an hour, rinse with heartwarming water.

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Means of purifying a facial skin - it's not makeup remover. We can remove the makeup cosmetic cream or milk - cosmetics and dirt accumulated upon the time to dissolve, but the face is not cleaned - it remains component products containing butter-based. To cleanse a facial skin should pick mild cleanser - gels, foams, mousses, even just a breakfast food - you are also perfectly clear skin. However, after you get removed the makeup, ablution with polish water, using a selected cleanser - better water yet nothing came up. Do not use soap, except when it is recommended by a experts - with his face may become darker, polish a face twice a day, and never touch a face with dirty hands.

Several times a year, try to visit beauty salons and make a deep exfoliation of a facial skin. At home, too, do not forget this: enough their money now - both purchased and home.

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Flaxseed of skin wrinkles around a skin eyes


A Healing Power of Flax seed is ever working, and eliminate skin wrinkles, it also helps - smoothes and nourishes a face around a skin eyes. Flax seed (2 Tbsp) pour h2o (TWO cups), put on a fire and cook. When a seed seethe, we want put it in gauze bag, attach to a eyes and keep for 20 minutes. So rinse with warm and rinse with cool water.

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Covers, pores


Excellent pores cover with egg white. Protein want be beaten to a froth, throw in a very dry white red (1 soup spoon), blend and apply the mix on a face for 10 minutes. Rinse with coldness water.

Mature any skin cleans and dries the cover of eggs white and natural honey (1 tsp.) and mealy - murphy or buckwheat. To beaten egg add honey and flour to configuration a paste, which is so used to the skin for Fifteen minutes.

Eggs whites are often used in masks for combination facial skin. Cover with him and dandelion prevents inflammation and acne. It is required to closely mash with a spoon recent dandelion leaves, and mix up 3 tbsp gravity with beaten eggs.

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A main reason for face peeling


Protective fluid that is suitable for a time of year, you should use mandatory, but to apply it not later than half an hour before going outside.

Choosing a moisturizer, it is good to take those with enough fat components - they prevent the evaporation of moisture, creating a baby of protective barrier for a face. In a pinch, you can apply simple Vaseline or newborn serum, however, appeal to a expert will not be superfluous, if the peeling can not even win.

However to get rid of flaky skin

Therapy peeling skin

For a treatment of peeling facial skin may use hydrocortisone serum - its content should not exceed 0.5%. Handle a issue areas need be regularly: once every day for some 2 weeks, but do not delay this treatment, so hydrocortisone - is a cure and not cosmetics.

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Mask to lighten skin problem


Brighten the complexion with oily facial skin will help cover of parsley (2 soup spoon), a like amount of yoghurt and 1 spoon Rowan good nectar - It is possible to replace it with lemon or cucumber. Parsley should be properly crushed, keep the mask on a face Fifteen minutes.

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